K. Amelie Haden

Education: Corcoran College of Arts & Design (MA)

Mediums: Photography, Woodwork, Oils, Pencil, Clothing

About Me: I have worked in Art Education for a number of years, and have been working in many varied fields of art throughout my life. I love to experiment and push myself with interesting and new approaches. When I see something interesting, my immediate thought is “I can do that.”





Kristina Haden

Education: Rhode Island School of Design, Indiana University, St. Mary’s College

Mediums: Oil Paints, Water Colors, Sculpture

About Me: I love to capture the beauty in all things. There are so many beautiful things to be grateful for in this world. If I can capture even a little bit of that in my work I am happy. I have been creating things all my life, ever since I was a little girl. The world makes sense through the scope of art.